Saving money and time in logistics with logistics management software

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Nowadays there are more and more challenges when it comes to performing logistics tasks: skyrocketing fuel prices, the lack of skilled workers, fierce competition, and increasing customer requirements all cause hardships, which companies can cope with the best if they use digital solutions. Today successful freight forwarding involves optimized processes, continuous data analysis, and real-time communication. This requires accurate logistic processes, which are made easier by well-chosen freight forwarding software. Optimized logistics management results in lower costs, faster delivery, and more satisfied customers.

What kinds of solutions exist for optimizing freight forwarding and related logistics processes?

The logistics solution that GLI Solutions offers is a process optimization and freight forwarding software product, which also serves as a map platform with the navigation map databases of Hungary and Europe. The IoT platform is the base on which the order management, route planning, freight optimization, analytics, and load tracking software components are built, which support operational efficiency in logistics – from order placement to final delivery. There is also a gate booking module to guarantee that loading and unloading trucks are done without unnecessary waiting periods. The loading process becomes plannable with online time-window booking.

The system can be customized to partner needs and new functions can also be added.

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