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GLI Solutions is a Hungarian company founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneurs, a group of professionals with decades of GIS, business development, and technology experience.

We develop innovative ICT solutions based on GIS, supporting the implementation of the Smart City concept. Keeping up with the fast growth of the sector, we continuously widen our portfolio of products and services, never stop seeking for new development opportunities, following the international and local trends in this fast-growing industry. Our portfolio of products and services offers solutions supporting intelligent traffic systems, smart infrastructure operations, and GIS based data warehousing.


The founders of our enterprise used to be the founders of NNG LLC. (previously NavNGo), one of the worldwide leading companies within the personal and industrial navigation business. They played an indisputably important role in driving the company’s success, being its lead developers and managers for years, during which period they gained extensive experience in GIS, software development and innovation management.

Our consultants are specialists with extensive experience in various fields of GIS (navigation systems, registry of utility services, topographic and agricultural location databases), as well as technology consultants and project managers with experience in leading and implementing R&D and Big Data related IT projects.

Our frontend and backend developers are members of a dynamic, innovative, young team of 13 persons, led by the Head of Development – an expert that has driven to success many IT projects. We rely on their enthusiastic and expert work in our projects and continuously aim to widen the team.

Data conversion is outsourced to our partner specialized in this field, we implement all map development and data conversion projects through continuous cooperation.

The Board
Attila Medvig
Attila Kátai
István Sulyok
Senior advisor
Sándor Pálfi


Beside our ongoing own -initiative projects for product research and development, we participate – as developers and consultants – in important contracted projects.

Hungarian Electronic road toll system

HU-GO in 2013 we took part in the development and introduction of the Hungarian HU-GO electronic road toll system, and since then, we have been providing continuous support in the maintenance and development of the system. The distance-based toll system for trucks is operated by the National Toll Payment Services Plc. (Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt.), our company has developed and is maintaining the location based, mapping, routing, toll calculating modules, and contributes to the development and enlargement of the system by consultancy and development services. As specific GIS content, limitations and special rules applicable to freight traffic, toll roads and related network segmentation maintained according to regulation changes are managed by the system.

Fee collection system of National Mobile Payment Plc.

Mobile Parking  our mapping services and GIS database provide the basis of the parking fee collection system of National Mobile Payment Plc in Hungary. Parking zone data and inverse geocoding service are key elements involved in the main GIS process, serving the system by identifying parking zones from location data provided by mobile devices on which customers initiate parking ticket payment. Statistics on usage of the system indicate 18.6 million parking ticket transactions administered in 2015.

National Ambulance – one of our major projects was the development of the GIS module – map database, mapping, routing and navigation services – supporting both  backend and mobile components of the Operations Management System of the National Ambulance Service. Location identification is of great importance in the system, this requiring accurate and up-to-date address point database, including addresses and connectivity of farms, but also special location identification, e.g. based on km sections of roads. Routing and navigation also include specific features, as priority of ambulance cars in the traffic have to be taken into consideration (by overwriting some of the traffic rules). We completed the project in cooperation with Geometria Ltd.

Kecskemét city parking system – We took part in the introduction of a new, intelligent parking system in Kecskemét (Hungary). The availability of the parking spots at Kálvin square can be checked real-time thanks to, our public map portal.

Road toll payment support – our company provides GIS support related to calculation, declaration and control of road toll payment to transport companies. Our map matching service plays the key role in these applications, evaluating and matching to road network the track of vehicles based on data collected through the vehicle on board units. Jármű-Kontroll Magyarország Kft., company providing audited toll declaration service, is one of our partners using this service.

Hungarian taxi service Budapest Taxi

Hungarian taxi service Budapest Taxi

Taxi – our partners, Budapest Taxi and City Taxi, use our mapping services, GIS database, routing and navigation engines, customized to their specific needs, integrated with their backend systems and mobile applications. Map matching, real-time tracking, routing and route optimization services support the automatic call distribution systems applied by taxi service providers.

Data warehouse at MVM NET  – our technology serves as a GIS based integration platform for data warehousing in the environment of MVM NET, having the role of visualizing location-based information within the company and supporting the design / planning of new telecommunication network segments.

Barabás Téglakő Kft. – development of an application to support logistics, order-picking and optimization of deliveries

MAPEI Kft.– development of a map-based application that provides route planning services to support administrative tasks.