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Getting ready for GDPR

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You may have heard that there are new European regulations regarding the processing and protection of personal data, that all companies have to adhere to. We are also busy reviewing our operations in the light of GDPR. This article summarizes the measures GLI Solutions is taking to protect your personal data and how it will affect our communication.   What is GDPR? The  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a directive that harmonizes data privacy regulations across Europe, to protect all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations approach data privacy.  It’ enforcement date is the 25th May. By this…

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City Development

Science of Prediction: The Simple Mathematics of City Development

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What will the city become within 30-50 years? A science fiction „techno-city” with intelligent systems taking care of everything, or a dystopic slum where we need to fight for survival? Or, maybe, it will not differ that much of today’s cities?

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Circulatory System, smart city

Circulatory System of a Smart City: Infrastructure & Data

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Imagine Smart City as a living organism: information is the nutrient feeding it and smart infrastructure the basis of its circulatory system. Data produced flow all over it, reach to intelligent systems supporting the city, these turn data into useful information and, based on it, operate the „vital functions” of the city. What infrastructure is needed for this?

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