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Complex GIS Data Management

GIS Backend For Enterprise Systems

Our technology provides a powerful GIS backend for enterprise systems. By customizing the technology elements to the specific needs within the enterprise, a complex GIS environment can be implemented that will integrate several enterprise applications and supply data and mapping services to these.

Different complexity levels of the solution can be implemented, with data management, services and system architecture tailored to the specific requirements. In more demanding cases, we build a GIS based data warehouse service with a central role in the enterprise IT environment: data of the different inventories can be connected, interoperability of systems can be built through this.

Simpler implementations can also be applied, the technology getting the role of a GIS engine serving an expert application (e.g. a fleet management system).

The system can be designed to operate completely based on cloud services, but local, on-premises implementations are also available. Online and offline access, interfaces toward web, mobile applications and external systems are provided, as requested by the Customer.

A network of local servers can be operated around the central environment. In the on-premises environments, local databases can be managed independently as well, without any communication with the central database. Access of users to the data and services of the system are controlled by a strict authorization management system.

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Basis of the GIS data supply in our system is our map database of Hungary. Its main data segment includes the continuously maintained digital base maps, address data and transport infrastructure data of the country.


GLI map

Complementary data related to the transport network – toll road sections (both for freight vehicles and cars), traffic restrictions, parking information – is another important data segment that supports special functionalities and information supply, parallel to the basic mapping services provided by our system. Information supply is also strengthened by the data segment of the points of interest (POI).

Further map databases can be integrated to the enterprise GIS environment implemented. Our base technology provides OpenStreetMap (OSM) database as a component that can be included by default, but other map data (e.g. cadastral maps, customer’s own data, other proprietary map databases) can also be used as base maps.

Mapping Services

Multi-user, parallel access to the database and mapping functions is supported by services for map information sharing, map editing and data maintenance within the system. Data editing is controlled by the version management and authorization mechanisms built in the system that also support detection and resolution of data conflicts that may occur.

Route Planning

The routing engine of the system supports multi-profile route planning, providing general routing services for road transport network, but also route planning based on special conditions. This includes routing with specifics for freight transport, ambulance and taxi services. Important functionalities include multi-modal routing components that support national level planning covering public transport networks as well.

Route planning provides special information supply services too. Car routing is completed with parking and road toll information, freight transport routing includes road toll calculation services, public transport route planning provides time schedule information.

Navigation on the GLI map

The navigation component, similarly to the routing engine of the system, provides extra services as well, complementing the general navigation functions. It can be integrated with a central planner service and other enterprise systems, client data and other relevant inventories (e.g. special POIs, transport network attributes like road pavement etc.) can be embedded in the map database and included in the navigation. Specific business logic can also be built in the navigation algorithm (e.g. notification to the dispatch center for deviation from the planned route or schedule).

Services Supporting Vehicle Tracking

The system supports vehicle tracking, fleet management and logistics. The basis of these is the map matching component that processes and places GPS coordinates to the transport network, analyzing and determining the exact position of the vehicle.

Specific Information Services

Traffic info on GLI mapThe system processes real time traffic information, TMC data, these can be visualized, queried on the map. It also supports other map data queries – like road network length within an area, list of settlements within an area etc.

Thematic Visualizations

Important segment of our profile is the GIS support of the map based processing, visualization and utilization of data from the transport sector and other industries, collected through different data collection methods (e.g. from vehicle track logs of fleet managers, navigation devices of private vehicles, sensor networks and other measuring devices installed along the transport network etc.).

Our system provides customized tools for data collection, Big Data analysis, standard data exchange. It includes the support of data mapping (based on geometry, ID, code tables, coordinates, address etc.), visualization on the map, thematic maps, statistical analysis, customized representation of analysis results (reports, graphs etc.). Our services also focus on the support of the data supply to end-users (on user friendly UI, query tools etc.).

Tools For GIS Based Modelling & Forecasting

Utilization of GIS is more and more focused on modelling and forecasting based on spatial data. We continuously develop our tools and services in this direction too. Although we focus more on the support of transport modelling in the actual phase of the development, our research projects also target further application areas of this field.

Further Services

OSM Consulting, Support

As experts of OpenStreetMap based GIS technologies, we offer consulting and support services for the installation and maintenance of OSM servers and implementation of OSM based environments.

GIS Data Maintenance & Mapping Services

Our GIS data maintenance services include: map, road network, toll road, parking zones data survey, maintenance and visualization, representation on the map.

Data Processing, Analysis, Visualization

As GIS consultants, we participate and provide GIS support in data collection, processing and analysis processes: for Big Data analysis; standard data exchange and data warehousing implementation; thematic and customized visualizations on the map; specific statistical analysis and representation of location related data; data supply for end-users.