We develop innovative location-based solutions for smart cities, transport operators and partners requiring logistics process streamlining.

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Smart infrastructure
Map platform
What We Do


GLI Solutions is a Hungarian startup company founded in 2013, developing innovative, GIS based IT solutions, focusing on technologies supporting intelligent transportation systems.

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Who We Are


In order to implement our projects in the best possible manner, we count on our employees as well as our contractors: consultants, developers and data conversion professionals.

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Beside our ongoing projects based on our own initiatives for product research and development, we – as developers and consultants – also take part in important projects led by third parties.

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 Public map service
map, data conversion, route planning

Through our online map service, anyone can profit from our detailed database of traffic and location based knowledge, routing and information services in Hungary. End-user Platform.

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GIS Platform
e-toll, optimization, route planning

Our solution built on our digital map database of Hungary or EU serves as an easy-to-integrate, fully customizable GIS background for business applications.

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Enterprise solutions
optimizing freight forwarding, smart infrastructure, mobility

Our products and technologies offer complex and innovative solutions for the challenges of modern transport management, logistics, smart infrastructures, data analysis and location based data warehousing.

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Smart infrastructure

Sensor technology, indoor and outdoor navigation, asset tracking

Map platform

GIS platform, data conversion, big data processing, statistical data visualization

Mobility solutions

Support for transport systems (MaaS), multimodal route planning

E-toll, mapmatching

Extensive back-end technology for toll collection systems

Freight forwarding software app

Smart solutions for vehicle tracking, fleet management and logistics systems

GIS consulting

Geomatics, mapping, data collection, modellings

Saving money and time in logistics with logistics management software
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