Our solutions for logictics and supply chain optimization


Route planner and transport management software

Our software automatically generates a route plan optimized for different vehicles from your orders. In the application, you can manage and track the logistics operation from order to delivery. With our time gate solution, you can avoid backlogs of vehicles arriving for loading and plan the unloading and loading process in advance. Our visual statistics provide you with up-to-date cost information. Guaranteeing efficient delivery is essential to providing a high-quality transport service while maintaining the highest possible profit.

Web-based route planner

For simpler freight planning tasks, we recommend using our web-based route planning software. This “generic” software solution reduces shipping costs and simplifies the delivery of goods. It generates optimal routes by vehicle type, allowing you to perform your daily freight planning tasks. The software uses algorithms to quickly analyze each route, taking into account the weight and recovery restrictions. It also displays the distances and the calculated itinerary, tolls, and time on a map. The software helps you to maximize the number of orders fulfilled while reducing costs and optimizing tolls, distance, time and also benefits customer satisfaction by ensuring that drivers reach their destination on time.

Premium Transport Management Software

For those looking for a more complex solution, we offer our premium software solution tailored to individual processes, a process optimization and freight management application that is also a mapping platform with a navigational map database of Hungary and Europe. It automatically generates an optimized route plan for the vehicle based on predefined parameters according to the customer’s needs and is able to connect all actors (carrier-manufacturer-customer) within the same system. Built on a map database, it offers freight planning and organization, data linking, statistics, and tracking software components that support efficient workflow from order to delivery.

The application is complemented by a time gate module to avoid backlogs of vehicles arriving for loading, reduce worker overload, and make the unloading and loading process predictable and planned in advance, and reduce the time spent.

The freight management software makes freight management faster and more cost-effective by supporting the systematization of workflows within your organization.

Our custom solutions support
  • Oreder-picking, freight forwarding
  • Less Than Truckload management
  • Route optimization
  • Logistics optimization based on daily orders
  • Differentiation of transport vehicles based on parameters
  • Statistical analysis in delivery partners and establishments
  • Integration with enterprise management systems

For more information please contact our Commercial Director, Csaba Bárdossy:

  • E-mail: csaba.bardossy@gli-solutions.com
  • Phone:+36706342794


Supply chain related development areas
  • Robotics
  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud-based technologies
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data & analysis
  • 3D production technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence

50% of store chains are not satisfied with their prediction capabilities
40% state that their technology would not serve their needs
Supply chains need to be reorganized due to the COVID outbreak

Our solutions support
  • Prediction, modeling
  • Real-time inventory
  • Real-time tracking of goods
  • Optimization of logistics processes
  • Decision support based on data analysis
  • Real-time sensor data processing (IoT)