Our solutions for logictics and supply chain optimization


Problems we solve

Less Than Truckload not solved, customers will smaller freight quantities cannot be served
Manual freight forwarding management, time-consuming solutions
Routes not optimal, high costs
No exact data on the performance and utilization of the establishment
No proper control on transporters

Our custom solutions support
  • Oreder-picking, freight forwarding
  • Less Than Truckload management
  • Route optimization
  • Logistics optimization based on daily orders
  • Differentiation of transport vehicles based on parameters
  • Statistical analysis in delivery partners and establishments
  • Integration with enterprise management systems

For more information please contact our Commercial Director, Csaba Bárdossy:

  • E-mail: csaba.bardossy@gli-solutions.com
  • Phone:+36706342794


Supply chain related development areas
  • Robotics
  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud-based technologies
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data & analysis
  • 3D production technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence

50% of store chains are not satisfied with their prediction capabilities
40% state that their technology would not serve their needs
Supply chains need to be reorganized due to the COVID outbreak

Our solutions support
  • Prediction, modeling
  • Real-time inventory
  • Real-time tracking of goods
  • Optimization of logistics processes
  • Decision support based on data analysis
  • Real-time sensor data processing (IoT)