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Térké - Routing and map editing in Hungary
Through our online map service, anyone can profit from our database of traffic and location based knowledge, routing and information services.
Our map

Our map database serves as the base for the HU-GO electronic toll collection system for trucks, so it reflects all changes within the Hungarian road or traffic system day-by-day. The Operations Management System of the National Ambulance also uses our map database, therefore all map content is generated according to their strict requirements, particularly the address data, address points, the routing to these points, the punctualness of the inhabitated areas (our database contains e.g. the addresses of even the smallest farms, including the way to get to them). Beside the extensive traffic information, our road database contains and visualize all Hungarian toll roads in detail, either for cars or trucks. In order to provide the utmost punctualness and detailedness to our base map, we also import supplementary map elements from OpenStreetMap, the open-source community map that is considered to be the most detailed worldwide map today.

Routing for cars – including e-vignettes, toll roads, parking info

In the Routing section, we provide the opportunity to select the type of vehicle and generate the requested route based on its requirements. For automobiles, our routing module take into account the toll roads and the user can set whether or not has e-vignettes for the given counties. As a unique feature, our database contains parking information as well, and the route plan already provides information about the parking at the arrival point (parking fee, toll hours, SMS number for the payment).

Routing for trucks – including road toll calculation and road restrictions

As we provide the base for the HU-GO electronic toll collection system, our database contains all important data about road tolls and traffic regulations for transport vehicles, and therefore our routing module provides all necessary information for the itinerary. Furthermore, we offer alternative routes that are comparable based on either their length, duration or cost.

Routing for cyclists – offering alternative routes

We visualize the bikeways based on the OSM database, including their categorization, and when possible, we provide alternative routes for the user, based on the difficulty of the respective roads. The elevation profile of each road is also taken into accoung the the calculation. Our map also contains the MOL Bubi (city bike) stations and the fix parking places for bicycles.

Routing for public transport – multimodal itineraries

Our routing module for public transport has the ability to use the services of multiple public transport providers within one itinerary, all over the country. The supporting database is being continuously enlarged, currently our routing takes into account the time schedules of the most important providers: BKK (Budapest Public Transport), MÁV (Hungarian National Railway System) and some of the local service providers.

Traffic information, TMC

Real-time traffic information (construction works, road closures, etc) is also available on our map and can be easily visualised.

Community map editing

Thanks to the free map editing function, anyone can easily add their own data on our map. The added elements appear instantly, and the edited map layer can be shared or built into the user’s own (private or business) website with only a few clicks. The editor of themap layer might either secure his work with a password or let it open for the public for further editing. The individual map layers may be searched based on area or keyword, liked or disliked or shared by the users.